Why do we need another blog about moms, kids, education and parenting?

When I was mom for the first time I was very lost. I am an only child, without reference people that I could ask and above all, with some crazy ideas (in general as I am) about motherhood. I started very green, suffering many hazing, giving certain things that squeaked me but for not going against the current I kept quiet until one day I cut the chains that joined me to the conventional and I informed, I looked, I fought against the standard , Because it did not fit my way of being, to what I thought it had to be.

From the Baby Led Weaning – which I’ve been assuring you for 6 years, I was not at all fancy – from sign language learning with Cincodeditos.com or Mysmarthands.com in English, as an alternative method of communicating with babies, porting, attachment parenting, breastfeeding beyond the year, co-sleeping, educating without prizes or punishments, Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline ….. all has been guiding me to this blog, to this new life, to this new aproach of education… because I am not conventional, because I am different and I like being it ..

And above all, because I like to help, because I would have liked to have been guided better, I would have liked to have had more support, not to have seen me as a strange animal, because although now the attachment parenting way of educating is more in vogue, it hasn´t always been that way, and it is not always well seen; we are still many who call us «crazy», «hippies», or «sect», if we continue breastfeeding with three years or more (and I say to those judging eyes: “listen, ma’am, I breastfeed although my doughter is a todler, but know that I wash my clothes, I wear my bra and I take a shower every day) – although I must confess that there are times when I only have one leg shaved and the other does not- but that does not mean I belong to a sect.

If I do not punish or reward the attitudes of my children, if I do not label them, if I do not leave them crying alone in the crib until they are completely exhausted, if I put them in my bed so that they -and we, parents- can sleep… I still keep breastfeeding her until she falls asleep, so what, she is almost 4, but as soon as she sleeps, I get up and go to my own bed, or on other occasions, I have fallen asleep in her bed, it is also true .. but in short, I think you have to keep in mind one thing, you have to be willing to contribute things for a maternity / paternity with true bonds, you have to be willing to invest time explaining the things to your children, in letting them decide from time to time if they want to take of orange or apple dessert, to give the best of you so that they can follow your example and be able to be reflected in you, in definite, you have to educate, not train.

I do not think anyone has ever heard me talk about sacrificing things for being a mother. I think that when you sacrifice something, in the end there is a certain resentment for having lost something, I do not know if independence or freedom, but I will never think that. Please take into account that I´m not talking about #yonorenuncio #yoconcilio de las #malasmadres (info: https://clubdemalasmadres.com/norenuncio/). No. This is not what I mean.

I am not going to deny that yes, that it is possible that I have had to resign to go to the gym three times a week, to give up shaving my legs as often as desired, to give up sleeping tight, to go out and have fun until dawn, to give up my professional career for having reduced my working day schedule and here each includes his personal resignations but in my case, it has been totally voluntary, and I am very grateful to have been able to give up those things, because what I have learned and I am learning every day from “this beautiful experience” I will not see any reward with nights of crazy dancing, with job promotions or with beauty sessions … but , I have an advantage, I know it is temporary. Because «everything goes by»: the pain of childbirth / C-section, the sleep deprivement, the crying of your children, the tantrums, the worries, the fears… everything gets diluted and forgotten.

And the reward is worth it, because I can see my kids safe, happy, autonomous, independent and above all, dreamers and fighters like their mother !!

How do you feel about your maternity?
Do you feel worried? Which are your fears? Do you feel free? How people around you react? Do you receive a lot of advices?

It would be great if you share your experience, with me, and with other mothers or dads, so, if you feel like commenting or sharing, thank you in advance.

Keep going dads and moms, you are doing a great job!!!


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