How NOT to deal with temper tantrums

  Hello, I do not know if you have seen a video, where a father explains how to treat tantrums … From the first moment I saw the video, something in my guts made him reject it and I felt that something was not right. In the video, in case you have not seen it, […]

Don’t do anything that your kids could do on their own

I could not resist sharing this video of my daughters with you. It is the actual reflection of how «we should never do anything for the children that they can do for themselves» as we were told a hundred years ago by two psychologists Alfred Adler and his disciple Richard Dreikurs, (so, we could say, that […]

Do you act or react?

  Today has been a gray day, it has not rained until mid afternoon, but we could not go down to the beach or the pool because the atmosphere was unpleasant. Usually after eating, the girls play a little game «to go to sleep», with some stuffed animals, in their room, I hear them laughing […]

How do we treat our kids??

I have spent a few days with my partner and two girls in a family hotel. It is not the first time we go, on the contrary, since I was pregnant with Maxi we have come every year, at least a few days, because as I said, it is a family hotel, that means that […]

Why do I love you?

One day I read an article in which I was urged to ask my children why they believed that we, mothers and fathers, loved them.  I always tell them that I love them, but of course, they may not really understand in terms of «cherishing «, «loving», «caring», -they are three and five years old, […]

Foto de un bocadillo de cómic diciendo NO

When I say NO!

I have a bad habit of saying no.  And when I say no, it’s no. That is one thing I am instilling in my daughters: that they are able to say no, that they should enforce their no, and that they must respect a no. But if you are really saying a «no», you have […]