To the bone – Parents guide.

By now, it is most likely that you have already seen «13 reasons why», a Netflix series, where Bullying is depicted. Keeping that trend,  «To the bone» is a film by Marti Noxon, who suffered from Eating disorders herself and wanted to reflect her experiences in the film, that tells the story of Ellen, a 20-year-old […]

Netflix «To the Bone» – ¡Guía de uso para padres!

Guía para ver  «Hasta el hueso» de Netflix. Es posible que no hayas visto la serie «13 Reasons Why» (13 razones), de Netflix que trata sobre el Bullying en el instituto. Te la recomiendo sinceramente, y si puedes que la veas con tus hijos adolescentes y comentéis, que les guíes, que les hagas preguntas y […]