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I love it when they pick up a book and try to read it. The older one is learning and although I have to admit that since she was little, she liked the posters and their contents, newspaper headlines and specially the stories titles in Tale books. Now, with 5 years is when she is really interested in knowing the process of forming words, the meaning of the words, phonemes and not only interested how you can do the letters.

I am equally surprised by the love of reading that they are developing because although it is true that children usually learn by imitation, in this case they have hardly seen us read, not for lack of desire, rather on the contrary, for lack of time; When Maxi was still in my tummy, I used to read books out loud so she could hear the sound of my voice; when she was a baby I still had some time to read a book when we had had a good night or the housework allowed me, but when she started walking, with 11 months, it was over, my leisure time went away.  It is true that at home we have many books that we have read, but truth be told, reading a book in front of the kids… rarely.



And so it surprises me, that she and her sister have many occasions when they take a book, open it,  and «read» it and even I think they  invent stories related to the drawings they see in books.

To be faithful to the truth, I will also say that although they have not seen us read too much, it is true that we have always put at their disposal many books of stories, exercises, colors, sounds and every night since they were babies we have read them goodnight tales… so maybe although this time we have not been the example we had wanted, it seems that they do like reading, at least for now.

We will have to continue to encourage this habit and make an effort to be seen, although sometimes I wonder, if they see us reading with electronic media (tablet, e-reader, digital newspapers), will it have the same effect as a paper book? What do you think?

And you? How do you do at home with your children to encourage reading?



Here you can find a link with 50 books recomended by Miyazaky:

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