My two super heroes

These two girls are my superheroes: every day they wake up with maximum energy; Every day they smile as if it were the first day they saw me,they hug me as if there were no tomorrow, they fill me with sweet and tender kisses.

And they do not know what it’s like to give up. Yes, they do get frustrated and angry when something does not come to perfection, and yet they do not stop trying again and again. Even if they fall, even if they get hurt, they try to achieve their goal.


And It is dazzling, how they give me a lesson with their constancy.
And they do not know the meaning of the word «resentment,» because as soon as I apologize, they no longer remember the reason for their tantrum, because what they want is to belong and they know that Moms unconditional love protects them from the storm of anger.




I fall in love with them every day. I go crazy, for good and evil, because what is more real, than a superhero we all have in our lives? Those that have no name (or yes) and that make our lives happier.


Do do you have an special super hero in your life? Want to share who she or he is??





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