Like a girl


I can not help watching this video from time to time.

Me, as a mother of two girls, I refuse them to be harmed, manipulated, beaten or treated as inferior human beings; me as a mother, as a woman, I tell them everyday that they should not let anyone laught at them, don´t let anyone treat them badly, or not allow anyone shout  them or tell them that they are not able to do this or that thing.

I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to empower our daughters, teach them that they are the same as the others, that they deserve respect and that they have to offer respect. And above all, that doing things like a girl is not a disqualification.

To the mothers and fathers of boys, I kindly beg you, to please educate them respecting the differences, because if we respect, it means that we care for others, and this is very important nowadays.

Thanks to everyone!




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