(Almost) everything about me…

My name is Adelaida, Lily for the school moms, my Tribe and someone else.

I am a graduate in Business Administration and Management,  graduate in Preschooler Education, I am certified in Positive Discipline by the International Association of Positive Discipline, trained in NonViolent Communication with Pilar de la Torre, among other things, but above all, what I consider the most important thing and has really made me grow lately is that I am a mother.

I am a mother of two:  Maxi and Mini of 5 and 3 years respectively. Two girls who steal my life, my soul, my sleep  and my love, and at the same time, every day they give me life, soul, dreams and love.

And why 2Positive kids?

Because I’ve been looking for a purpose all my life, because I’ve always wanted to fit somewhere, because I’ve almost always swamm along the tide, where the waves took me. But I do not want to go aimless, I want to be the owner of my destiny, owner of my purpose in life, I want to guide my daughters in particular, but in general people like you who do not know if you are lost, but at least do question things. Here’s your space. I hope you participate, I hope you tell me, I hope you ask me, and above all, that you help me grow with you.