Foto de un bocadillo de cómic diciendo NO

When I say NO!

I have a bad habit of saying no.  And when I say no, it’s no. That is one thing I am instilling in my daughters: that they are able to say no, that they should enforce their no, and that they must respect a no. But if you are really saying a «no», you have […]

Ciao – Adios (gooooood byyye!!!)

Sometimes you have to learn to say goodbay. Toxic relationships with friends, partners, things that doesn´t work, things we don´t like anymore, if we don´t change, the environment will not change. Let´s start the change, let´s be the change. You are worth it! The song is Ciao – Adiós with Anne-Marie;   here you have the lyrics, […]