Why do we need another blog about moms, kids, education and parenting?

When I was mom for the first time I was very lost. I am an only child, without reference people that I could ask and above all, with some crazy ideas (in general as I am) about motherhood. I started very green, suffering many hazing, giving certain things that squeaked me but for not going against the current I kept quiet until one day I cut the chains that joined me to the conventional and I informed, I looked, I fought against the standard , Because it did not fit my way of being, to what I thought it had to be.

From the BabyLedWeaning – which I’ve been assuring you for 6 years, was not at all fancy – from sign language learning with www.cincodeditos.com or www.mysmarthands.com in English, as an alternative method of communicating with babies, porting, attachment parenting, breastfeeding beyond the year and that some people mis-name as prolonged breastfeeding, co-sleeping, parenting without rewards or punishments, Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline ….. all has been guiding me to this blog , because I am not conventional person, because I am different and I like being it …

I dare you, be different!!

And above all, because I like to help, because I would have liked to have been better guided, I would have liked to have had more support, not to have seen as a strange animal, because although now the attachment parenting is more in vogue, it hasn´t always been that way, and it is not always well seen «that thing of …¿attachment?», we are still many who call us «crazy», «hippies», or «sect», if we continue breastfeeding with three years (And I say, listen, ma’am, you should know that I wash my clothes, wear bra -even sexy ones- and take a shower every day) – although I must confess that there are times when I only have one leg depilated and the other not. ups! my fault!!

If we do not punish or reward the attitudes of our children, if we do not label them, if we do not leave them crying alone in the crib until they are completely exhausted, if we put them in our bed so that they (and we parents) can sleep. And I have to confess that I have slept Mini breastfeeding her and inside her crib, yes, I have, and now it is more to this day, that she sleeps in her bed, I continue to sleep with her, sleeping with her having her boobie, until he says «ok,» turns around and falls asleep. As soon as she sleeps, I get up and go, on other occasions, I have fallen asleep, it is also true .. but in short, I think you have to keep in mind one thing, you have to be willing to contribute things for a maternity / paternity with attachment, to invest time in explaining the things to your children, in letting them decide from time to time if they want to take of orange or apple as dessert, to give the best of you so that they can follow your example and be able to reflect in you, so please,  instead of training, try to educate.

Thanks for sharing if you fancy it!!




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